A Simple Tune Up Helps Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

Bring your car in for an oil change, repair or tuneup in Miami, FL

Is your car overdue for a tuneup? Sandor Kovacs Auto Repairs Inc won’t judge. No matter what condition your car is in, bring it to our auto repair shop for a high-quality tuneup. Getting your car tuned up regularly helps it last as long as possible.

Call 305-984-6316 to speak to a qualified mechanic about your car’s needs.

5 things we’ll do for your car at your next tuneup

Did your check engine light come on? Is your car making strange sputtering noises? You might want to bring your car in to Sandor Kovacs Auto Repairs Inc. Our talented auto mechanics will:

  1. Change your oil
  2. Rotate your tires
  3. Change your spark plugs
  4. Change your air filters
  5. Change your fuel filters
Do you drive a hybrid? Don't take it in to the shop! We're able to handle your hybrid here, at Sandor Kovacs!
We’ll also run a drivability test to accurately diagnose any problems with your system and provide you with the most accurate estimate. Reach out today to learn more.