Your Car's Air Conditioning Is Essential in the Miami, FL Heat

Have your car AC checked at your local auto repair shop

Does your car only feel cool when the windows are down? Sandor Kovacs Auto Repairs Inc is on it. We can install, repair or replace your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Call 305-984-6316 today for a free estimate.

3 signs your car’s air conditioning needs service

Does your air conditioner feel like it might be going out? Here are three common signs that your air conditioning system needs service:

  1. It smells bad – This is usually a sign that there’s mold somewhere in your air conditioning system.
  2. It’s not very cold – This usually means your refrigerant levels are too low.
  3. It’s leaking water inside the car – This usually indicates that your drain hose is clogged.

No matter what the issue is, Sandor Kovacs Auto Repairs Inc will get it sorted out. Beat the Miami, FL heat with a powerful new air conditioning system.